Irwin & the Avatar Book




This is the story of what happened to me and how Meher Baba used me to change the lives of so many. 

My book tells the story of how he did this. Every word is true no matter how amazing it may sound. I have been told by those who read it, that the book is hard to put down once you start reading. How he brought people to love him who opposed him. Whether for or against him, he became the center around which peoples lives would revolve. This is the story of how he worked with family. Read his letters. Read his instructions.
All he gave to bring us up to his level.


    Now available as an audio book!

Download size is 1.7 gigs and should take between 20 minutes to an hour to download. If downloading is not an option for you we can send you the audio files by mail on a flash drive. Just email us after ordering to let us know that you want to receive the flash drive instead of a download.